HurricaneThough they're not something we keep at the forefront of our mind most days, disasters can unfold at any minute.

Unfortunately, not many people prepare beforehand which can leave them, their families, and their pets susceptible to injury or worse.

Sadly, many pets get left behind due to unpreparedness when hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters strike.

This is why pet owners should consider creating disaster plans for their pets and following these tips:

  • Make sure your pet wears a collar with up to date information on it at all times
  • Have them microchipped and be sure to update the accompanying information whenever it changes
  • Get your pets vaccinated - emergency shelters want to be sure that your pet will not spread any diseases to other animals while they're there 
  • If you know about an impending disaster, such as a hurricane, in advance, ask your veterinary practice for a small supply of any necessary medications that your pet may need 
  • For cats and other small animals, such as guinea pigs, mice, rats, and ferrets, have a sturdy carrier at home and ready to go 
  • Prepare a pet disaster kit consisting of a fresh supply of water and canned food, vaccination records, poop bags, bowls, sturdy leashes, and harnesses

For more comprehensive information about creating a disaster plan for your family and your pets, check out this VetCor blog post.