Farcus the Labrador Retriever's Success Story

Farcus is a 12-year-old Labrador Retriever who had trouble with his back, hips and knees. There was a huge difference in Farcus after only 6 treatments! Farcus continues to come in for follow-up visits to maintain his newfound mobility.

Farcus' mom talks about his improvement after laser therapy in this video:

Groot's Laser Therapy Success Story

Groot came to Brookeville Animal Hospital when he was 6 weeks old. Eight days prior to his first visit, Groot's foot was pinned in between a cage for 24 hours, leaving only one digit left on his front left paw.

After an exam and x-rays, our veterinarians recommended a course of therapeutic laser therapy treatments to help the wound and tissue heal faster.

Along with a course of antibiotics and 10 laser treatments, Groot's paw is healing beautifully and he gets around great. Groot is now growing into a happy and healthy dog!

Puppy Groot - Before Veterinary Laser Therapy   Puppy Groot - During Veterinary Laser Therapy   Puppy Groot - After Veterinary Laser Therapy
Groot before laser therapy.   Groot during laser therapy treatment.   Groot after laser therapy!

Veterinary Laser Therapy Video Testimonials

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